Frequently Asked Questions

Justclickk is a is a registered company with a Limited Liability at Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria it is fully called (Justclickk Technology Limited), its primary aim is to Design, Develop and Distribute applications on Web, Mobile and PC in various operating systems such as; Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and Harmony.

You can download the app from Google Play Store, Apple Store or via our website, you can even collect the app from a friend through bluetooth or xender, even flash drive.

To activate your app you will need to pay a sum of money associated to the specific application using any of our payment method.  You can find Payment Methods on our website;

(1) Bank transfer/deposit:  pay with any banking app or go to the bank to make payment.  After payment you will need to send us an evidence of payment to our email - or Whatsapp - 08065286007

(2) Cards; this is done online within the app or our website with your ATM Card and your app gets activation code instantly. 

Most of our activations last for 1 year but other activations for certain apps are device based which means until you change the device.

There are free version of our app, you need to just download them and use with no charges. 

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